Hear before others hear. Don't wait for the day. The night will carry you further.

The Dilemma game will guide you through the oldest part of the city, showing you historical events and lives of past residents in an ambience blending fantasy and thriller. The podcast’s main character is Nina Pietrzak, a young girl who comes up against strange happenings in front of the Old Town Hall, the seat of the BSCC. The course of subsequent events depends on the player. A black Volga car, fog, a stray old women, a young girl and a long, cold night… six decisions to make. Will they lead you to a happy ending?

Game rules

Listen to the episodes.
Make choices.
Be careful. Your decisions have consequences.
Watch out. Get spotted by gentlemen in red ties.
Remember. It is best enjoyed in the Old Town.
Or at least after dark.
Some content may not be appropriate for children.